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Real-Time Airborne Particle Identifier

Rapid-E reliably detects and counts numerous airborne particles simultaneously and rapidly – pollen, fungal spores, air pollution, and even bacteria. It offers revolutionary performance, high sensitivity, and a broad range of detection, opening many applications in environmental monitoring that require precise and instantaneous identification.

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Our solutions

Real-Time Pollen Counting

Plair offers solutions for real-time airborne allergen monitoring, with all-optical detectors that differentiate between a wide number of pollen families.

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Bioaerosol Monitoring

Plair's instruments provide exactly the solution required for reliable bioaerosol detection: highly specific monitoring, capable of identifying several species simultaneously and in real time.

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Continuous Monitoring

Rapid-E provides continuous online measurements 24 hours per day, all-year round. It requires no human intervention and low maintenance.

Individual or Connected

Rapid-E is easily integrated into a network of other devices, or forms its own network.

Automatic and Real-Time

Rapid-E is an all-in-one detector designed to provide continuous and real-time detection, identification, and counting of airborne particles

Autonomous Solution

Rapid-E operates autonomously and can report the presence of pollen or other species automatically and within minutes.


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Plair moves to new offices

Our company is growing and we are moving forward with it! We relocated to the top floor of CTN - Industrial Center for New Technologies, at the center of Geneva’s industrial zone in Plan-les-Ouates.

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2016 HMEI Award for Young Engineers

A panel of judges from the industry and WMO selected Dr Denis Kiselev, co-founder of Plair SA, as winner of the 2016 Hydro-Meteorological Equipment Industry (HMEI) Award for Young Engineers.

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