Machine Learning Engineer in Environmental Monitoring

(Geneva, Switzerland, 100%)

Plair SA is a young start-up company developing solutions for automatic monitoring of airborne allergens, pathogens and air pollution. Our instruments are used by leading meteorological organizations for automatic pollen monitoring and top scientists in aerosol and aerobiology fields worldwide. We are seeking a machine learning engineer that will contribute in development of next generation solutions for preventive environmental monitoring. You will enjoy working with cutting edge technology, collaborating with leading meteorological organizations and top scientists around the globe, and the ability to see your insights turned into a valuable product that will improve quality of life of millions of people!


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Marketing and Business Development Intern

(Geneva, Switzerland, 50-100%)

Plair SA is a start-up company active in the field of environmental monitoring. We developed a revolutionary product for real-time pollen monitoring that allows improved forecasting and risk management related to allergies and asthma. We are looking for an enthusiastic and motivated marketing & business development intern to strengthen our team and help executing marketing campaigns, including exhibitions, brand marketing and analyze new business opportunities.


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