Solutions for Bioaerosol Monitoring

With Plair Rapid-E (Real-Time Airborne Particle Identifier) there is now an easy way to analyze bioaerosols – automatically, more rapidly and precisely than ever before.

Rapid-E can differentiate between a wide number of disparate entities, including pollen species, organic particles such as fungal spores, inorganic particles such as soot and dust or sand, and pollutants such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. The detector's high specificity allows it to identify multiple species simultaneously, enabling a full understanding of atmospheric aerosol concentration.

Single particle measurements

Rapid-E provides best-in-class, real-time analysis of single aerosol particles. The proprietary technology enables a leap in highly specific aerosol detection and characterization.

Full range of particle size

Rapid-E characterizes any airborne particle in the range of 0.5-100 micrometers, matching and opening up numerous applications in environmental monitoring, and beyond.

Full access to the raw data

Access to the raw data of measured particles' scattered light patterns and spectrally-resolved fluorescence enables develop specific libraries for species of interest.


  • Outdoor enclosure

    The outdoor enclosure maintains the device operation at all weather conditions within a temperature range of -30°C to +45°C. It is supplied with a sigma-2 inlet for a more efficient sampling.

  • Concentrator

    Concentrator enables increase Sample air flow up to 28.3 liters per minute.

Remote monitoring with Rapid-E

Plair offers the world's most advanced comprehensive solution for airborne particle monitoring. The solution comprises Rapid-E and a customer dashboard to visualize data acquired in the field. The software continuously downloads raw data from Rapid-E and delivers optical parameters on different species to the user dashboard. The data are then accessible in real time from any internet-connected device. Rapid-E is equipped with a GPS module that provides global time and position for all measurements. User-specified alerts can be configured to provide email and/or SMS text notifications as soon as threshold values are reached.

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