Solutions for Real-Time Pollen Counting

With Plair Rapid-E (Real-Time Airborne Particle Identifier) there is now an easy way to count pollen – automatically, more rapidly and precisely than ever before. The proprietary laser-sensing technology enables identify multiple pollen species simultaneously and in real time.

Plair offers the world’s most advanced comprehensive solution for pollen monitoring. The solution comprises the instrument’s installation and maintenance, cloud-based data processing and reporting, alongside with assistance on field calibration.

Real-Time Pollen Count

Pollen concentration per species is delivered each hour through the online dashboard and a .CVS/Excel file.

Fungal Spore and Total Particle Count

Hourly concentration of fungal spores and total particle count can be also reported together with pollen information.


Installation of Rapid-E with its outdoor enclosure, maintenance such as cleaning and data processing are offered with the solution.

Rapid-E measurement station includes

  • Rapid-E Instrument

    Rapid-E provides best-in-class analysis of single aerosol particle. It continuously monitors air and instantly detects allergens such as pollen, fungi, and air pollution.

  • Outdoor Enclosure

    The outdoor enclosure maintains the device operation at all weather conditions within a temperature range of -20 – +50. It is supplied with a sigma-2 inlet for a more efficient sampling.

  • Online Dashboard

    Real-time statistics on pollen species is delivered through the online dashboard and a .CVS/Excel file.

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