Denis Kiselev of Plair SA named Best CEO in the Environmental Monitoring Industry by European CEO magazine

Geneva, Switzerland – Plair SA, the Geneva-based creator, manufacturer, and provider of instruments for real-time aerosol detection with solutions for automated pollen and bioaerosol monitoring, announced that the company’s co-founder and CEO, Dr. Denis Kiselev, has been awarded Best CEO of 2018 in the Environmental Monitoring Industry by European CEO magazine.

The European CEO Awards 2018 recognize leaders who have an eye for innovation and, having firmly positioned their companies at the forefront of their field, are now shaping their industries. Plair is contributing invaluably to the air-quality monitoring industry. It is among the few instrument providers currently combining cutting-edge hardware with artificial intelligence (AI), with the potential to help industries that range from healthcare to agriculture.

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Rapid-E instrument

Plair’s product, Rapid-E, was launched in 2016 after years of research and development at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, and is now installed in 11 European countries. Plair counts leading weather services and research institutions among its customers.

Rapid-E uses laser-sensing technology and AI to identify and count multiple types of airborne particles including pollen species, making it the world’s most advanced allergen detection solution and the first system to count pollen and air pollutants simultaneously. It also offers cloud-based data processing and an online dashboard to customers, allowing meteorological and environmental services to improve their forecasting models and better alert populations affected by respiratory diseases, hay fever, and asthma.

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