We welcome more countries among the Rapid-E users

Rapid-E or real-time airborne particle identifier was launched almost two years ago. Listening to our customers and continuous support on their projects, the system became a reliable instrument ready to operate in harsh environments – just like Rapid-E’s predecessor that was the very first instrument that participated in the Deepwater PlanetSolar campaign!

Our team performed new installations for real-time pollen monitoring in France, Germany, Finland, Spain, Italy, and the UK. In total, already 11 countries in the European Union are working with Rapid-E. Picture below: a new installation in Paris in December 2018.

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Rapid-E station deployed in Paris (France)

Best CEO in the Environmental Monitoring Industry by European CEO magazine

Plair by leading the most disruptive, sustainable and innovative businesses of the future, has gotten the attention of European CEO Awards. The European CEO Awards 2018 recognize leaders who have an eye for innovation and, having firmly positioned their companies at the forefront of their field, are now shaping their industries.

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