AI-powered Rapid-E: New service for real-time pollen counting

We successfully launched Rapid-E, which replaced its predecessor, Particle Analyzer PA-300. The new instrument offers higher sensitivity and better identification, thanks to patented advanced laser-sensing technology. A network of Rapid-E instruments is currently performing successfully in Switzerland, demonstrating continuous, reliable measurements of various pollen types and air pollution.

To better respond to the growing demand for a more affordable solution to the automatic detection of pollen, we are launching a new service, based on the annual provision of a Rapid-E station. This solution will be proposed to allergy professionals, and meteorological and environmental services. The station includes Rapid-E, its outdoor enclosure, and an online dashboard.

Artificial intelligence powers Rapid-E’s capacity to automatically identify and count in real time the most common allergenic pollen species. The instrument is equipped with housing that withstands continuous outdoor operation within a temperature range of -30°C to +45°C, and with a weather station for simultaneous local weather monitoring.

Rapid-E does not operate with software or data loggers, and it’s easy to use. The service delivers analyzed real-time data to an online dashboard, the “PlairGrid”. Available only to clients, the PlairGrid allows viewing and managing hourly and daily counts of different pollen types, as well as a total pollen count and total particle count.

New Rapid-E feature: Online automatic sampling

Rapid-E contains filter-based sampling mechanics designed to sample airborne particles on demand after measuring for scattering and fluorescence. It can collect multiple samples of particles intended for lab-based analysis at a later stage. Users can install up to 10 filters that can be independently introduced into the internal air flow, and collect microparticles during user-defined time spans. The filters can easily be used in further in vitro analysis and replaced afterwards.

Plair to showcase Rapid-E station at the EAC and World Expo

At the EAC in Zurich from August 27 to September 1, we will showcase the Rapid-E aerosol and bioaerosol detection monitoring station. In Amsterdam from October 10-12 at the World Expo, we will demonstrate Rapid-E’s application in real-time pollen counting. Please visit us to learn more about our new service.