First pollen season for Rapid-E in France a success

On February 28, 2017, the first Rapid-E was installed in Brussieu (Rhône, France) near the coordination center of the RNSA, the French national aerobiology network. Automatic pollen measurements were performed continuously over eight months, from March 15 to November 29. RNSA experts calibrated Rapid-E on up to 15 pollen species and numerous fungal spores specific to that region. As a result, Rapid-E identified and followed the calibrated species over the full season, achieving a precision range of 73-98%. Moreover, correlation with the traditional method based on a Hirst-type pollen trap attained 90%.

“We are very satisfied with the Rapid-E measurements for this pollen season, the quality of Plair’s work and the instrument’s correlations with manual measurements. Next year we plan to make the real-time information measured by Rapid-E available locally,” said Michel Thibaudon, Scientific Advisor at RNSA and former president of the European Aerobiology Society.

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Figure: Left, Rapid-E at the RNSA site in Brussieu (Rhône, France); Right, Rapid-E time series measurements of Betula and Pinus pollen compared to manual RNSA pollen counts.