Introducing Rapid-C+

Real-Time Air Microbial Detector

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Unique biofluorescent particle counter

Rapid-C+, a unique real-time viable particle counter, sets the industry standard in environmental monitoring. It counts viable and total particles in real time and continuously samples them on standard agar media for microbial identification.

Merging innovation and legacy standards

Rapid-C+ contains an aseptic air sampler for microbial identification, designed to complement Rapid-C+ optical functionalities by continuously sampling the same air flow on standard agar media.

Viable particle counting

Total particle counting

Long-period agar impaction for identification

All-in-one continuous environmental monitoring



Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Food and Beverage

Reduce production downtimes, product recall and ensure environmental control and product safety every step of the way. .

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Bioaerosol detection for research

Atmospheric aerosol particles have an enormous impact on public health by aggravating human diseases, whether they stem from pollen, fungal spores, bacteria, or viruses. Properly identifying these particles is therefore crucial. Plair’s solutions can best address your needs. Our instruments accurately and comprehensively analyze single aerosol particles in the air, offering highly sensitive detection and continuous monitoring, 24 hours a day, all-year round.

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Plair Newsletter - December 2022

In recent years, multiple industries have had a greater need for quicker detection of microbial contamination to more efficiently mitigate and prevent pandemics and respiratory problems, and to automate quality-control practices. This confirms that our products are on target in offering ready solutions to this transformation of our customers’ practices.

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Plair wins the 2021 Geneva Innovation Prize

We're thrilled to announce that Plair has won the 2021 Geneva Innovation Prize within the framework of the Grands Prix de l'Economie, awarded by the State of Geneva, the Office for the Promotion of Industries and Technologies (OPI), and the Geneva Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services (CCIG).

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Rapid-E for enhanced aerosol research

Atmospheric aerosol particles have an enormous impact on public health which enhance human diseases, whether they come from pollen, fungal spores, bacteria or viruses. It is therefore crucial to properly identify these threats.

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