Keeping bio-contamination under control

Bio-contaminants pose a serious threat in fabrication processes of numerous industrial and pharmaceutical products. Microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria, and viruses can cause significant damage, going from putting patient's lives in jeopardy to creating financial losses and time-consuming burdens.

Rapid-C, also called bio-fluorescent particle counter, is based on proprietary cutting-edge technology that uses laser-induced fluorescence and light scattering detection, providing unprecedented high-level output in particle counts. It is designed for indoor environments, enabling real-time, continuous and automated microbial environmental monitoring.

Viable and total particle counting

Particle size range: 0.3-100 μm

Continuous and real-time monitoring

Remote access to data



Rapid-C is the perfect instrument to strengthen any qualification processes that require environmental monitoring. Rapid-C’s continuous and real-time optical measurements and particle classification integrates with laboratory information management systems (LIMS). It enables real-time visualization of trends, deviations, and alert thresholds set-up.

Test, inspection, and certification services

In comparison with traditional sampling methods, which rely on manual spot checks, Rapid-C monitors continuously and ensures that no contamination events are missed. Rapid-C’s proprietary technology based on morphological and chemical analysis, which is coupled with machine learning, allows particle classification with high accuracy and enables faster analysis of the source of contamination, while reducing the need for consumables and human intervention. Rapid-C raises the level of your quality control and brings significant savings by accelerating investigation and root-cause analysis.

Accelerated root-cause analysis of contamination events

Rapid-C is certified as optical particle counter and is also capable of sending immediate alerts when viable particles are present during production batch. It can be integrated into production lines, automating environmental monitoring, and providing all-in-one optical particle counting, real-time viable particle detection, and microbial identification.

In-line environmental monitoring of aseptic processing

Real-Time and Continuous Microbiological Monitoring

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