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Innovation in the heart of Geneva

Plair develops, manufactures, and commercializes professional systems for preventive environment monitoring. Proprietary state-of-the-art technology forms the basis of our intelligent detectors, providing high-quality, continuous environmental measurements in all weather conditions.

Founded by two PhDs in Physics from the University of Geneva, Switzerland, specialized in aerosol measurements and fluorescence spectroscopy, Plair has invented a new and innovative method to continuously analyze single airborne particles in real time. The wide scope of detection identifies allergens such as pollen, fungi, air pollution, bacteria, and virus aerosols, among others.

Initially focused on outdoor environmental monitoring, Plair systems quickly became a reference in the field of real-time pollen and bioaerosol detection, with installations in 12 countries. This technological breakthrough allowed the company to extend its applications to instantaneous viable particle monitoring in indoor environments. The Plair system replaces microbial identification and particulate counting, increasing efficiencies and automation and allowing the improved management of risks related to biocontamination. Plair SA is a Swiss company, headquartered in Geneva.




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