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Rapid-E+ tools for bioaerosol monitoring EMEA - APAC

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Attend this webinar to learn how Rapid-E+ can be applied in bioaerosol research. The webinar will be focused on the accessories and new tools available for real-time particle sampling and data visualisation. Please register in advance below, registration close 1 day before the first session. Topics of the webinar:

E-Catch: Airborne particle sampling unit

Discover how the same bioaerosols detected in real time by Rapid-E+ can be sampled on-demand for later stage lab-based analysis

Bioaerosol chamber

Particle aerosolization, mixing, testing, and instrument calibration.

Creating particle recognition model

A tutorial on how to use PlairGrid to create models for species detection and data visualization without any coding skills or needing to know Python or other programming languages.

Rapid-E+ sampling head efficiency

Discover the advantages of Plair’s sampling over conventional methods such as the Sigma-2 using Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations

This webinar is for: Bioaerosol scientists, aerobiologists, and environmental monitoring scientists.




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