Plair launches its new instrument – Rapid-C, for real-time viable particle monitoring

Plair SA the creator, manufacturer, and provider of instruments for real-time aerosol detection, brings its expertise of bioaerosol monitoring to indoor air contamination field, with its new instrument Rapid-C for real-time viable particles detection.

Geneva, Switzerland – Plair SA along with its state-of-the-art laser technology, specializes in the early detection and identification of airborne particles in outdoor environments. Its first instrument – Rapid-E, for which the technology was initially developed, is dedicated to automatic and real-time counting, identification and classification of pollen and bioaerosol in the air. The instrument is able to detect up to 15 pollen species simultaneously, as well as mold, Rapid-E is currently deployed in 11 European countries and in North America. This technological breakthrough allowed Plair to extend its applications to instantaneous viable particle monitoring in indoor environments.

Plair’s new generation of detectors, called Particle Analyzer or Rapid-C, are designed for real-time viable particle monitoring in controlled environments (cleanrooms).

Biological contaminants pose serious threats to manufacturing processes of numerous industrial, food and pharmaceutical products. Microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria and viruses can cause significant harm, from putting patients’ live in jeopardy through nosocomial diseases, to creating significant financial and time-consuming burdens in the production of drugs. Plair’s new generation of detectors addresses this issue.

The Rapid-C’s proprietary technology is based on two analyses, a light scattering morphology analysis and a fluorescence spectroscopy chemical analysis, providing unprecedented high-level output in particle counts. The instrument is designed for real-time measurement of viable particles in a controlled environment, allowing it to detect and classify individual particles in a specific manner. Rapid-C counts viable against non-viable particles in real-time and automatically, while providing accuracy of up to 99%. In addition, this new generation of detector requires no human intervention and provides uninterrupted information on contamination, thus optimizing productivity.

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