Rapid-E for Enhanced Aerosol Research

Atmospheric aerosol particles have an enormous impact on public health which enhance human diseases, whether they come from pollen, fungal spores, bacteria or viruses. It is therefore crucial to properly identify these threats. Rapid-E is exactly what you need, the real-time airborne particle analyzer accurately and comprehensively analyzes single aerosol particles in the air. The instrument offers highly sensitive detection and continuous monitoring, 24 hours a day all year round.

Whether you are researching aerosols, studying atmospheric compositions or air pollution, Rapid-E will grant you remote access to automatic and real-time data. The instrument can identify and classify up to 15 pollen species and fungal spores, as well as pollutants (PM2.5 and PM10).

As opposed to available methods, Rapid-E offers revolutionary real-time counting, identification and classification of aerosol particles, thanks to its light scattering and advanced UV-laser induced fluorescence spectroscopy, requiring no manual data collection or human intervention.

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